Penny Authors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do the anthologies come out?
A: They come out quarterly, four times a year

Q: When is the submission deadlines?
A: [Insert answer here]

Q: What format do I need to send it?
A: Word or Rich text format

Q: Do I pay anything to have my work published in the anthology?
A: No, there is nothing to pay to have your work published in the anthologies.

Q: Will I get any royalties from having my work published in the anthology for free?
A: No, there is no royalties available from having your work published for free.


Q: Can I get royalties from my work being published in the anthology?
A: Yes, you can buy into a share of the title, for a nominal set fee of £14.99 +Vat for 1% share of the title (subject to T&C and the Share offered to contributors), per work submitted and per work included in the anthology, PA reserves the right to limit the quantity.

Q: What is the fee to buy a share of the title?
A: It is £14.99 + Vat

Q: What do you get for £14.99?
A: You buy 1% of the share of the title. There will be limits set.

Q: How many shares offered to the contributors to buy in?
A: 50% of the share of the titles is offered to the contributors. A limit will be set subject to volume of poems and contributors.

Q: Can I earn money without buy in in to the share of the Title?
A: Yes, you can earn money without buying in to the title by selling the books. You can buy the Anthologies that have your work in at a authors price 15-20% below the published price subject to quantity purchased.

Q: When I buy in, what am I buying?
A: You are buying a share of the title (The Anthology your work is in) and not the company or any other anthology. You cannot buy in to any anthology that does not have your work in.

Q: Can I buy maximum in any one Anthology?
A: Yes. but only after first refusal is given to all contributors.

Q: What is the maximum share that I can buy?
A: Maximum share of 35% of the 50% on offer.

Q: What happen to shares of the title if they are not purchased?
A: Penny Authors will retain them as default.

Q: How do I pay?
A: You can pay by bank transfer or paypal.

Q: How do I get paid my royalties?
A: This will be paid into your account you give

Q: How often will the royalties get paid?
A: Twice a year, the threshold is £5 (minimum amount before it is paid out otherwise it rolls over to following payment date)

Q: How do I set up my account?
A: Download, and fill in the account manadate.

Q: Can I sell other Penny Authors anthologies that does not have my work in?
A: Yes.

Q: Who is responsible for promoting the Anthologies?
A: It is everyone's responsibility to promote the Anthology.

Q: Do I get royalties from the books I'm selling?
A: No, books that are sold by authors does not generate royalties.  Authors selling these anthologies pocket the profit directly.

Q: Can I include already published poems in the anthologies in my own book?
A: Yes. if the book is being published through the MAPublisher. No, if its being published through different publisher; its not the done thing, it not respectful to the publishing companies.

Q: Can I add images with my poem?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I add colour picture?
A: No, unless the whole Anthology is published in colour. The inserts are mainly text and black and white. The cost of the prints are kept low, competitive and affordable. You can produce your own book in colour.